The Persian Wildlife Heritage Foundation is a not-for-profit organization established on May 2008 and is managed by a 15-member independent board, all of whom are experts in conservation strategies and natural resource management. PWFH has mainly focused on safeguarding natural habitats and ensuring the survival of endangered wildlife in Iran. Maadiran has worked closely with the foundation since it’s initiation.

PWHF Vision and Mission
Among population growth, wildlife has been faced many dangers in particular environments. Our main Vision is providing a safe and forever home to animals in need. Solving key treats of Iran's nature and having positive impact on country's ecosystem is considered as our main mission. Also we are doing our best to spread awareness about how to protect vanishing wildlife and to preserve their precious habitats by activities such as holding public awareness campaigns and implementing projects that can save endanger species. This great task can be better done by cooperation of other NGOs and helpful organizations and other groups as well.

PWHF in Action
Conserving the most endangered species such as Persian leopard, Asiatic Cheetah, Asiatic Black Bear and Larestan Wild Sheep against the treats is a part of our protective projects. For more protective environment, we try to increase people's awareness by means of workshops in the fields or classrooms, book and pamphlet publication and also other educational materials.