Control Capability and Correction of Calculations by MEVA Calculators

The MEVA MC 2205 pocket calculator is silver in color, has a ‘00’ key, and a 12 digits display. It has ability to correct and control the calculations up to 120 stages. The advantages of this model allow the user to review the previous calculations and correct them if necessary.

After doing changes, the calculator automatically reserves them and will apply in next set of equations. The total function of MC 2205 allows you to compute several successive computations simultaneously.

To do this user should press (=) key after every computational operation and at the end by pressing GT key, the grand total will be displayed. The MC 4405 MEVA desktop calculator is also a new model and comes in gold. The model has an extensive 14 digit display. This model can easily control and correct the calculation up to 99 stages before.

By using 00 and 000 keys, users can easily compute grand total of equations. In addition to calculators, MEVA International also supplies a broad range of products from printer consumables to gaming equipment and power-supplies. MEVA is exclusively distributed by Maadiran within Ira .