Sharp Opens the Biggest Solar Farm

The 4,160 solar cells installed in this farm have the capability of producing one megawatt energy. 1,600,000 KW energy produced in this five hectare land can provide the annual essential power of 150 houses.
In comparison with current samples, Sharp’s solar cell named “ND-240QCJ” has a high potential for absorbing light and producing 240W power which is very efficacious in plantation’s productivity.
Sharp recently announced that this company and Enel EGP Co. have signed an agreement for establishment of five sun power plants with 14.4 MW capacities.
Using thin film in Sharp solar cells helps us in reserving green environment and having more output energy.
Sharp solar cells are capable of producing 19,500,000 KWh energy per year and can provide the essential energy of 7200 houses. Elimination of 10,000 tons greenhouse gases from the environment is the other positive effect of this technology.
Europe Union declared that till 2050, more than 50% of this continent essential energy will be supplied from the renewable energies. So establishment of solar power plants in many sunny regions of Europe will be necessary.
Sharp Solar Panels are distributed and guaranteed exclusively by Maadiran in Iran.