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Refunds Policy

Dear Customer,

To benefit Maadiran's after sales services including replacement, repairing and so on, please read the following terms. Before sending the product, fill in the related form. Maadiran has the right to return the products with no form filled.

  • Any technical deficiency should be registered and informed by related form within seven working days.
  • Any difficulty in consumables performance including ink cartridges, drums and developers is only acceptable within 24 hours of delivery date.
  • Please keep the product's main carton and internal packaging till the end of 7th day from delivery.
  • Any additional labeling, writing comments, address and … on main carton or packages will void the guarantee.
  • This guarantee will not include external disorders (like fractures and scratches) and misusing.

  • Any contradiction on delivered products including their color, model or the numbers should be informed within 24 hours from delivery date. If incompatibility can be distinguished without opening the packages, opening main cartons or packaging will void the product guarantee.
  • If the contradiction can be distinguished only by opening the packages, please keep all the packaging and its accessories in returning time.

  • In case of any physical disorder on packaging, please do not receipt the product and inform us as soon as possible.
  • Any physical damages should be informed within 24 hours of delivery time by filling in the related form. After filling the form, our colleagues will contact you.
  • It is necessary to keep all the packaging accessories for returning time.

  • In case of purchase determent, customer should inform us within the seven working days via the related form.
  • Returning the products is only permitted by confirming our after sales services experts and keeping the product in its standard and initial packaging. Any gift accompanying the main product should also be delivered in returning time.
  • Please be informed that any changes on product's initial condition, even on its packaging will void this service.
  • In purchasing determent, all of returning expenses will be on half of the customer.

    If products have damage to due delivery, we recommend that you do not take receipt of them and let us know. In these cases the delivery company will settle the claim with us directly and we will send you a replacement immediately.
    If you do take delivery of them….

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