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Working With Us  
As the leading technology sales, services, and manufacturing company in Iran we are always looking towards expanding our product line and operations.

Maadiran is a leading sales, manufacturing, and support company within Iran. With many years of experience across every element of the products lifecycle we are ideally placed to provide all sorts of services to other companies:
Product Distribution and Sales
As a sales company Maadiran has been an outstanding success. Our strength has always been derived from two points: Firstly, we operate Iran’s most comprehensive IT and Office Automation sales network allowing us to get the products directly to the customers. Secondly, our highly capable marketing division (one of the best in the country) has always been able to create a real demand for those products. Our market shares are a testament to our abilities.

If you’re interested in getting your product into the Iranian market we would be happy to help. Please contact us via the details on our contact page .
Manufacturing Inquiries
If you need a reliable supplier or manufacturer for your products Maadiran would always be more than happy to oblige. As a leading manufacturing company in Iran, we have a wide range of experience in manufacturing plastic components all the way to manufacturing precision electronic systems.
Our past clients include major domestic and international companies such as Iran Khodro, Sony, and LG Electronics.
If you want to learn more about us or examine the various services and options we can provide for you, either download our presentation  or contact us via our contact page .
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