Strong Foundations
Maadiran was established in 1964. In Iran it is a highly recognized and successful conglomerate.

The business is a fully private multi-generational family company that is led by a solid core of professional managers.

We draw on over 50 years of successful management insight into providing goods and services for the Iranian market.
Maadiran is not politically affiliated with any group or organization in Iran.

We maintain a strong degree of independence and believe in delivering results. Consequently we have become become a trusted third party between successive governments within the country as well as companies outside.
Our Values
Our long term commitments to our values and beliefs have made us what we are today. The following section will give you an idea of what we care about and what we’ve done. Since its inception Maadiran has always held firmly to the core belief that “doing the right thing” is important. It’s a philosophy that can be seen in all of Maadiran’s decisions and subsequent actions. Within business, Maadiran has gained a reputation for honesty and reliability. Employees view Maadiran as a fair and ethical company, and outside of the company, those who have come to know of Maadiran view it as a company that’s a cut above the rest.
Global Partners
We have already been chosen by numerous multinationals to fully represent their interests in Iran or guide their local decision making. We fully represent LG Electronics, Sharp, Epson, and Renault Trucks amongst others. More than one partnership reaches back to the 1960s .
Our Brands
Over 50 years we have developed the skills and infrastructure to command significant market shares for our products. We have plenty of ongoing success stories but three of them are as follows.
We can reach any household in Iran
Retail Outlets
Distribution Team
Sales Dealers
Distribution Pionts
World Class Manufacturing for Global Brands
While focused on technology, our experience of offering after-sales support in Iran is unparalleled in both scale and scope. Our customer satisfaction scores exceed those of comparable companies and multi-nationals in Europe and Japan.
Nationwide Support
Nationwide Support
Beyond our own service points, over 1000 Maadiran certifed after- sales service providers across the country provide total coverage.
Great Engineers
Great Engineers
Over 100 engineers & technicians who can repair devices down to circuit board level as well as great process and management.
Over 92,000 B2B accounts & countless B2C accounts. (Over 90% of the Iranian banking sector relies on Maadiran Service).
Over 300.000+ service tickets are successfully handled each year 15.000.000 spare parts divided into 30.000 SKUs.