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In addition to focusing on product technology, Maadiran strives to provide the best possible after-sales service for its products.

The level of satisfaction in our customers is at the level of overseas standards, so that in this field it is comparable to prominent European and Japanese companies.

To know more about our services, or to get details, visit our services page and feel free to contact our service center representatives if any help needed.

If it matters to you, It matters to us.

Welcome to retails experience which is built around what matters to you. At the Maadiran Club, we provide you a host of everyday consumer solutions which are tailored to compliment your lifestyle needs.

Nationwide Support

Beyond our own service points, over 700 Maadiran certified after- sales service providers across the country, provide total coverage and outstanding service, before and after purchase.

Activity limits

More than 92,000 customers use Maadiran’s after-sales service

Outstanding Engineers

More than 100 engineers and technicians skilled in repairing equipment and circuit boards are working in Maadiran services.

Number of spare parts

Over 300,000 servings are performed annually and 15,000,000 spare parts under 30,000 are distributed by Maadiran.

Key Benefits

Keeping pace with your evolving needs is a priority for us so we provide you with personalized retails experience that is faster, easier and more secure. Complimentary Lifestyle and a host of other tailored offers to help you get what you expect.


  • Complimentary Touchpoints for the first year.
  • Complimentary installation services on your first purchase.
  • Refer a friend or family

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the Maadiran Club, you will need to maintain any of the following criterias:

  • A product purchase from any of Maadiran Brands in a year.
  • A total relationship balance of IRR 10,000,000 OR
  • A Refer which causes a purchase of minimum balance of IRR  10,000,000

Terms & Conditions

Click here to view the terms and conditions.


Blog , social responsibility , 6 March 2022

Magic Buttons – Lovely Stars

Continuing the pleasant experience of the past years in avoiding the exorbitant costs of printing unused and ineffective promotional gifts to society and possibly destructive to nature, we intend to work together to achieve our goals and social responsibilities more effectively and efficiently. To this end, we have provided the necessary conditions for the presence of all our dear compatriots, what individuals and organizations, so that with one button, Star of Hope, a large number of clients of a number of charitable organizations, including the Foundation for Special Diseases, Ghadir Charitable Foundation, Let Raad Charity Educational Complex and Wardavard Welfare Services light up and let us all go to celebrate Nowruz 2016 with smiling lips and happy hearts.
To participate in this altruistic act, all you have to do is visit stars.maadiran.com and buy as many greeting cards as you want. The card packages are designed to help direct the charities. With the purchase of each package, the amount corresponding to your choice will be shared between these institutions.
In addition to the virtual package, it is also possible to receive a real greeting card package. You can send any of the cards in this package, which are decorated with works of art by contemporary Iranian artists, to any of your friends and relatives and inform them about this design. In this package, you will receive a button called [John Button] to be installed on the clothes as a sign of participation in this project.
The list of participating organizations, the total amount collected and the relevant news are constantly updated on the site. At the end of the project, the news of the details of the donations to charities will be sent to the esteemed compatriots through the site.
We believe in the gentleness of our honorable compatriots and the foresight of capable managers of Iranian businesses, and we are sure that with your participation, we will celebrate Nowruz differently this year.