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Maadiran Electronics Industries

Maadiran Electronic Industries Company is one of the subsidiaries of Maadiran Holding. The field of activity of this company is the production and sale of electronic devices such as televisions and monitors with two brands, X-Vision and TCL.

Production route in Maadiran Electronic Industries Factory

Production of SMD electronic boards, which is one of the most sensitive stages of production, is done in Maadiran Electronic Industries Industrial Factory. Also, the performance test of different board outputs is performed by Chassis section operators with special jigs. After the production of boards, electronic components and TV bodies in plastic injection lines, the parts enter the assembly and final production lines. Then the product ports are tested for functionality, screen control and possible defects are isolated. Quality control operations, in order to ensure the proper performance of the product at high temperatures and humidity, the product is tested against impact and fall by performing drop testing and quality control of incoming items, semi-manufactured and final product. Finally, packing, strapping and cellophane of the final products are done completely automatically and the products are transferred to the product warehouse by the conveyor for distribution.