Maadiran, The first Iranian guarantee

Maadiran is the first company to provide after-sales service in Iran with a strong team always by your side. Maadiran technicians all over Iran are ready to serve you as soon as possible after requesting from you dear ones, so all you have to do is call 02182266 whenever you need help.

More than 50 years

Experience in the field of distribution and after-sales service in the field of IT and office machines and home appliances

6 consecutive years

Proud to receive the title of “the first after-sales service company in Iran from the Supreme Informatics Council”

Extensive coverage of after-sales service network throughout Iran

The main goal of Madiran is to gain the trust and real satisfaction of customers. Our priority is to maintain the credibility and image of Madiran brand through services in

7 provincial after-sales service branches
More than 700 authorized service centers
It is all over the country

Inquiry about warranty status

Through the website, you can access the information you need about the warranty validity, warranty status, as well as the terms and conditions of support for Madiran’s selected product. Enter the 9-digit warranty code on the box.



Madiran’s technicians will be with you in less than 24 hours after announcing your requested installation time.

periodic service

We are with you every 6 months in order to maintain the health of your device and prevent possible breakdowns


Madiran with more than 50 years of experience and using specialized forces and original parts in less than 48 hours throughout Iran.