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Maadiran Plastic Industries

Maadiran Plastic Industries Company, despite being established in 2002 and producing plastic parts for Maadiran products, has now become self-sufficient and has been registered as Maadiran Plastic Industries Company since 2013.

محمد رضا یگانه ثمر

Field of activity of Maadiran Plastic Industries Factory

The evolution of plastic injection, which is done exclusively with special molds, includes the production of combs and buttons to the production of products in the medical, aerospace, toy, packaging, automotive and manufacturing industries. After a piece is designed by an engineer or industrial designer, the mold is made to fit the piece by the mold maker. Injection molds are generally made of steel or aluminum and are carefully machined to reflect the characteristics of the part. Injection molding is used to produce a wide range of products from the smallest objects to the complete body of cars.