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Maadiran Stock Affairs

Maadiran Stock Affairs


Shareholder Portal

Access to information about Madeira shareholders is available on the portal.


Comprehensive publisher information system

Receive share information, the latest news of the meetings and financial statements can be seen in Kedal


Tehran Stock Exchange Technology Management Company

See statistics of stock index changes, sales and high-trading symbols.


Exchange News

Stay up to date with the latest stock market news and stock changes.

Madira - Iran Office Machinery Industries

With more than 50 years of successful experience in providing quality goods and after-sales services, Madiran Group is one of the most reputable and successful companies in the field of IT and office machines in Iran, and now with a useful and continuous experience, pioneer in producing and supplying the best equipment. Audio and video and home appliances in Iran.
While Madiran’s main business is consumer electronics, Madiran covers many industries from home appliances to biodegradation, plastics, construction investment, and more. We have a strong and extensive subset throughout Iran that includes major parts of the country’s industry with unparalleled insight.

Due to our good performance and reputation, we have been selected as the exclusive representative of reputable international companies for many years and have introduced their products throughout Iran. Madiran Company is the exclusive representative of brands such as LG Electronics, Sharp, Epson and Renault Trucks, the history of some of these collaborations dates back to the 1340s.

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Communication with stock affairs

Contact Number: 88623700 (021)

Fax number: ‌ 86092132 (021)

Postal Code: 8 19948-34571

Address: Tehran, above Vanak Square, Khodami St., intersection of Aftab St., Building No. 3, fifth floor