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Maadiran Company, while maintaining human dignity as the first principle of organizational culture, always pays attention to the health and comfort of the work environment, salaries and training opportunities of employees. The size, matrix structure and variety of queuing and staff units of Maadiran Company have provided unique conditions for nurturing and developing the capabilities of personnel.

In order to maintain and develop human capital, the human resources of Maadiran Group with a strategic approach designs and implements various goals and programs, some of the outlines of which are as follows:

In order to maintain and develop human capital, Maadiran Group human resources with a strategic approach, designs and implements various goals and programs, some of which are as follows:

  • Paying attention to the physical and psychological factors of the work environment
  • Creating a suitable platform and mechanism for staff growth and promotion, performance appraisal, suggestions and staff innovation
  • Pay tuition fees to staff and create conditions for staff training, study and development in areas related to the profession and even internal and personal skills
  • Paying attention to staff welfare services such as loan payment, health center and supplementary insurance services, transportation service, restaurant, credit shopping, sports facilities, kindergarten, marriage and childbirth allowances, etc.
  • Ethical work environment
  • Balancing work and life

Organizational values

Our staff is what builds us now and our values are what brought us together. We will call all those who act according to the following values mothers.


Receive resume and initial evaluation

– Registration of completed employment forms in the resume archive

– Matching and reviewing resumes based on initial qualification conditions (expertise, knowledge and experience)


Telephone evaluation

– Contact the recruitment expert with the applicant if the resume is approved

– Obtaining more detailed information from the applicant regarding the requested job


Specialized interview

– Identifying, adapting and evaluating the applicant’s competencies in the evaluation center

– Review of selected applicants based on efficient tools and valid international tests


Final approval

– Approval or rejection of the employment of the selected applicant, by a committee consisting of managers of relevant units and senior managers.

– Informing the accepted person, filing a case and conducting examinations at the beginning of employment.

Career Opportunities

We are always looking for new talent, so if you feel the ability to work with mothers, do not hesitate to contact us. Please note that the basic conditions of employment are as follows:

  •  Iranian citizenship
  •  Ability to work full time in Iran
  • Audio and video equipment sales expert (2 people)

  • Decoration design expert

  • Marketing expert

  • Sales planning expert

  • Assistant Product Manager

  • Financial and administrative software support expert

  • Audio and video equipment sales expert

  • Home Appliance Sales Expert