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Maadiran History

Today’s MAADIRAN is based on more than 50 years of history in which it was the driving force for technological and social development through Maadiran products and services.

The history of Maadiran is a history of innovation, invention and progressive developments.


The beginning of Maadiran’s story


Maadiran Group was founded in 1964 under the title of “M.Amiri Company and Partners” by Mr. Mahmoud Amiri.


Supporting Customers was the main vision

Maadiran’s After sales service born

Since the establishment of the company there had always been a focus on supporting customers when they needed it. This led to the growth of a strong internal after-sales support division. In 1993, this division was separated from the rest of the company and re-established as an independent subsidiary. This was when Maadiran’s After sales service was born.


“LG”  our first International Partner

Start of Manufacturing

In 1994, during the agreements made with LG Electronics Company, the production line of the first LG CRT monitors was launched in Maadiran’s factory.


First “EPSON” Printers assembled

Product Line Expansion

In 1995, the company succeeded in opening the assembly line of “Epson” & “Seikosha” printers. Shortly afterwards, the production of LG LCD monitors began at Maadiran’s production line.


“Maadiran Group” Born


Since company launch in the 60s, Mother company grown to include some successful independent companies. in 2001 it was felt that a solidified brand and identity was needed to communicate the subsidiaries. by this effort, “Maadiran Group” was born and the Maadiran Guarantee was established.


 The born of “XVISION”

X.VISION enters IRAN’s market

In 2006, Maadiran entered the audio and video equipment market with the launch of Xvision brand by starting LED TV production line. Xvision Televisions are were fully designed and manufactured in IRAN and by Maadiran engineers. The quality of products made this brand the third in domestic market.


“LG Mobile” Production line

The start of cell phone production by Maadiran

In 2007, Maadiran Company started mass production of mobile phones under the license of LG Electronics. Due to the high cell phone demand in  the country, manufactures LG mobile phones was soon able to open a good market share among other cell phone brands.


Maadiran Plastic Industries

Start of new plastic factory

at 2009, with growing production volumes, Maadiran’s plastic manufacturing unit established as a fully independent factory next to it’s Electronic division and by this a new Plastic factory started operational.


World Events

Iran was sanctioned

In 2009, the US government imposed the most severe financial sanctions on Iran. The severe economic downturn in the country caused Maadiran and many other companies to change their business model, activities and policies.


Business Diversification

Start of “Simorgh Investment” as Venture Capital

Maadiran established “Simorgh Investment Company” in order to invest in the latest and most up-to-date fields and businesses.


Business Diversification

Start of “Kimia Sabz” Brand

Maadiran Group established “Kimia sabz Company” in 2011 with the aim of helping to preserve the environment. The main activity of this company is the production of degradable plastic bags based on plants (corn starch).


Business Diversification

Start of “Sasha Development” as Real Estate Company

Due to the importance of the Real Estate sector in Iranian market, “Simorgh Investment Company” and “Maadiran Group” established “Sasha Development Company” in a joint decision to operate in this sector.


New CEO Assigned

Mr. Babak Saghafi Assigned as new CEO of Maadiran Group

In November 2015, Babak Saghafi assigned as  Maadiran Industries Company as CEO. He was firstly joined to Maadiran as factory manager.


Business Expansion

Maadiran’s enters “TCL brand” into Iran Market

In September 2017, Maadiran Group started cooperating with the “TCL International”. The widespread supply of home appliances and audio-visual equipment with this brand in Iran has been the beginning of the new season in the history of the company’s activities.


Home Appliances Factory

Start of Maadiran’s “Home Appliances Factory”

To provide more facilities, Maadiran built its home appliance factory in the south of Tehran in an area of ​​70,000 square meters.