Iranian office machines

Iran Office Machines Company is one of the subsidiaries of Madiran Holding. The field of activity of Iran Office Machines Center is providing electronic equipment and office machines.

The path of establishing the Iran Office Machines Center to the large Madiran complex

One year after the establishment of Iran Office Machines Center by Mr. Mahmoud Amiri in 1343, the company succeeded in receiving the exclusive representation of Olivetti brand and Sharp electronic calculators. Receiving the exclusive representation of De La Rue coin and bank teller machines, receiving the exclusive privilege of Hermes typewriters in 1976, inventing the first Persian typewriter method in Iran with Hermes typewriters and entering the first Nixdorf and CTM computers in the banking system. Equipment, Iran Office Machines Center created a great revolution in Iran’s IT industry. The first private company to introduce fax machines to the Iranian market was the Iranian office machine. In 1989, the first laptop with the Sharp brand entered the Iranian market by the Iran Office Machines Center. Finally, in 1373, the Center for Office Machines of Iran decided to enter the field of production, and thus the Madiran complex with several companies and subsidiaries remained in the commercial and industrial market of Iran.