Maadiran from its establishment has always been trying to provide new solutions for customers with an aim to improving customer satisfaction. Printina, a new service for online sales is the most recent example. Customers in today's market suffer from difficult access to legitimate printer and photocopier consumables. They consequently buy low quality fakes and generic brands which cause damage to their products. This motivated Maadiran to launch online sale of printers and copiers consumables. The service provides fast delivery all around the country, quality controlled products, and the Maadiran Guarantee on any purchase. It is also the cheapest location to buy Maadiran supported consumables online. Visit the Printina store:

Launch of Maadiran
Maadiran launched online sale of printers and copiers consumables.
Maadiran Group again recognized as Iran’s number one private sector IT company
Maadiran is once again officially recognized as Iran’s best private sector IT company by the Iranian government in it’s annual IT benchmarking study. The group has consistently come in first place for over several years.
Sharp AQUOS LCDs in Boeing Airlines
According to Sharp World reports, new Sharp’s AQUOS LCDs have been utilized in pilot and copilot cabins of Boeing 787 jets.
Sharp Opens the Biggest Solar Farm
In the solar annual conference in Memphis, Sharp opened one of the biggest solar agricultural lands with the motto of “Green Industrial Activity”.
Maadiran Holds Summer Festival for POS Devices with Special Discounts
By increasingly demands of trades in using new business solutions and emphasizing on mechanization of sale’s systems, Maadiran intends to hold the summer festival of POS devices. These devices include cash register (POS), cash drawer, receipt printer, barcode scanner and store software.
IPS7, the Most Recent LG Monitors
Cinema Screen monitors in two 23” and 27” sizes and by their 1.2 mm ultra thin edges are so delicate which are called “Edgeless or sightless edge”.


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