Export Commencement of LG Monitor made by Maadiran

The Maadiran Group commenced exports from its monitor production lines for the first time with a shipment to Afghanistan. The consignment, consisting of 780 units of LG monitors spread across six models, was produced under license from LG Electronics of South Korea. With the support of LG Electronics, Maadiran plans to export 50,000 units of its models over the next year to countries such as Armenia, Azerbaijan, and other Middle Eastern countries. In 2005 Maadiran celebrated their 41st year of activity within the Office Automation and Information Technology sector. During its 10 years of involvement with LG, Maadiran has manufactured and sold 3.8 million LG monitors in Iran. Today, 25 different models of LG monitors, consisting of LCDs, Flatrons and Smart Flat series, are produced at Maadiran’s extensive production facilities located in the industrial zone of Hashtgerd 80 kilometres to the west of Tehran. Due to LGs superior monitor technology and Maadiran's rigorous attention to quality in production, Maadiran commands over 74% of the Iranian monitor market and is now in the position to export its production. After receiving the Medal of Honor in Competence and Management from the President of Iran, Mohammad Khatami, the commencement of export is another milestone achievement for Iran and Maadiran towards promoting industry and employment in the country, while opening new horizons for the Iranian Information Technology industry