Environmental protection, life protection

Madiran Group has continuously taken steps in this regard in order to consider environmental protection as one of its duties and responsibilities. One of these programs was climbing the Darka Mountains and clearing it with the presence of personnel.

Environmental protection, life protection

Global experience has shown that protecting the environment is complex and difficult, and the responsibility for this serious matter cannot be placed solely on one organization or a combination of several government agencies. Companies, institutions and individuals can become one of the effective arms in the field of environmental protection and play a very important and fundamental role in preventing the increasing destruction of the environment and reversing this trend.
In this regard, based on a sense of commitment, Maadiran Group considers this important as one of its duties and missions in the field of social responsibility, and strives to pay its religion to society, economy and industry. This responsibility is continuous and in the form of programs such as holding the ‘Cheetah’ festival and also investing in Kimia Shimi Zangan Company (producer of environmentally degradable plant polymers with renewable sources such as corn starch as well as disposable containers with sheets And) are considered in the macro-planning of the group. In another program and on the first day of the second month of autumn, 95 Maadiran groups with the slogan ‘Environmental protection; Protecting Life, Protecting Tomorrow ‘organized a one-day tour with its staff, who climbed and cleaned the Darka Mountains during an entertaining program aimed at cleaning up the environment.

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