Report from Powerlifting Team

Once again, the powerlifting champions of Iran became famous in international competitions and registered the name of Iran with the X-Vision brand in the results of the competitions. In this competition, which was hosted by Georgia, Mr. Reza Zamani, on behalf of the X-Vision team and in competition with several well-known countries, won the gold medal for Iran. The World Cup competitions in the fields of powerlifting, chest press, deadlift and power shoulder were held from the 15th to the 17th of September, hosted by Georgia (Tbilisi).
At the end of the tournament, which was held with the participation of Iran (Raw Powerlifting Association), Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Moldova, the athletes of the Rawpower Lifting Association of Iran won significant titles with a performance. Mr. Reza Zamani, representing the X-Vision team of Iran in the 110 kg category: (Gold Medal for Chest Press and Deadlift for Adults) won in this competition.
In the team ranking: At the end of this period of competitions, the team of the Iranian Raw Powerlifting Association, led by Mohsen Estakhri (representative of the World Federation in Iran), became the third team after Georgia and Kazakhstan. It should be noted that Reza Zamani as the head coach and Mahmoud Shah Mohammadi as the coach accompanied the athletes of our country in this period of competitions.

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